More is better! These surplus fasteners are a deal for anyone who knows they will need a lot of fasteners. Fastener Express has a selection of screws to choose from and a surplus of lock-washers. Gear up for a big project and be prepared for future ones. Distributor of surplus (bought and sold) fasteners. Screws , nuts and bolts are available. Types of screws include cap, metric, sheet metal, machine, thread cutting, self-drilling, gutter, lag, thumb and wood. Types of nuts finished hex, serrated flanges, acorn caps, prong tees, coupling, cold forged wing, toggle wing, square and nuts . Our one and only objective is to provide a place on here where buyers can find hard to locate fasteners and related inventory, and where sellers can list and sell surplus and overstock inventory.

here is the world's leading provider of used bolts , nuts , washers, and much more. Our exclusive contracts with our clients yield a wide range of used bolts , nuts , and washers from a number of respected OEMs. The FCH Search Engine: Locate and Market Fasteners Online: If you need to locate hard to find fasteners, or you want to sell slow moving or surplus fastener inventory, then FCH is for you. We’heree the largest FREE to search and source search engine here because it’s simple and effective for buyers and sellers alike. What to Do With Used Nails, Nuts, Bolts and Hardware . How to Sell a Used Lawn Mower 2 How to Make a Nail Rust 3 Who Do I Call to Pick Up Used Furniture for Donation or Disposal? 4 How to Strip Paint From Metal 5 Brass Screws vs. Steel Screws 6 How …

Can you scrap nails, screws, nuts and bolts ? One of the top questions that I am asked by fellow scrappers is, can you scrap nails, screws, nuts or bolts . Navigation. Keep in mind that brass, aluminum, copper and steel screws or nails, all sell for different prices. We all know what kind of payday 72 pounds of copper or aluminum will bring. Jun 17, 2010 Surplus fasteners, and lots of them; Likes: 0. Results 1 to 18 of 18 . Mostly I sell these on ebay, but some on forums like this. I sell them cheap--cheaper than wholesale, usually. My ebay pricing is anywhere from 20-70% higher than my direct pricing. Plastic fasteners (in both the bolts and screws pages) Rivets ( Sell Your Surplus . Sell your excess and obsolete items the Ideal Way! An expert in excess material management, Ideal Surplus Sales is your source to liquidate your excess and obsolete inventory.

How to Get Rid of Used Screws, Nuts Bolts . Home handymen (and women) accumulate a lot of stuff over the years. One of the biggest collections is frequently all those used screws , nuts and bolts gathered during repairs or disassembly of broken things. Look in the average handyman's workshop and you'