Most of our aircraft hardware can be identified by its specification number or trade name. Threaded fasteners and rivets are usually identified by AN (Air Force-Navy), NAS (National Aircraft Standard), and/or MS ( Military Standard) numbers. Quick-release fasteners are usually identified by factory trade names and size designations. Mil - Spec Fasteners is a Distributor of Fully Traceable MS Military Fasteners , AN Military Fasteners , NAS Military Fasteners herepliant Fasteners . Call Now: 800.638.1640 Email: here. Home Products Brand List Quality Control Specifications About Us Contact Us Request Information. Advanced quality specialty fasteners allow a wide range of hereplete their jobs in an effective and timely fashion. Integrity Fasteners offers droves of military spec fasteners in numerous sizes, shapes, and materials. Contact us regarding our specialty fastener products, or …

Aerospace Fasteners Military Fasteners . BG Manufacturing has been working with military -grade materials and specifications for more than 40 years. We have used that time to master the stringent requirements and military standards that are essential to thrive in this industry. Military Spec Fasteners , Nuts, and Washers Plating Information . Military Fasteners - Department List; Fastener Drive Tools. MS Hex Head Cap Screws. B1821BH Bolts Grade 8 Zinc Yellow Plated. MS Socket Head Cap Screws. NAS Socket Head Cap Screws. MS Machine Screws. NAS Machine Screws. MS Hex Nuts. AN Washers. Mil-Spec Pins. Pins that have been tested and certified to Military standards. Manufacturer's certification included. Military - Spec Screws and Other Fasteners . Mil-spec bolts may be used in a number of applications in a wide range of industries. Military - spec bolts are available with either coarse or fine threads,

Experience: the indispensable asset. For decades, MCF has been the industry-leading supplier of military -grade hardware and fasteners . Why? Because defense manufacturers need more than hereponents herepetitive pricing. Apr 11, 2019 Diamond Fasteners distributes all types of Aircraft Fasteners , Aerospace Fasteners , Military Specification , National Aerospace Standard, AN fasteners as heremercial fasteners , and electronic hardware.You’ll find everything you expect – … Our fastener superstore is the trusted source for aerospace fasteners and mil - spec fasteners . Shop our fastener catalog for aircraft fasteners today.

Sure, parts to ASME specifications cost less than MIL - SPEC parts. They should! It costs more to produce parts that conform to military requirements. Know for sure that you are supplying parts that meet MIL - SPEC call outs for material, hardness, plating, testing and certification.