Types of Screws Heads Countersunk Screw Head . Non-Countersunk Screw Head . Feb 21, 2019 Driving Methods. Hex: There are two types of screws that have hex heads — one that has a hexagonal recession in the head and one that does not have any grooves or slots at all. A hex socket screw or Allen screw requires the use of an Allen wrench, which has a hexagonal shaft that is inserted into the recession in the screw head. A Brief Introduction to the Different Types of Screw Heads. A screw is a shaft which has a groove on its surface. It is designed to hold objects in a certain alignment. There are different types of screw heads which have different applications such as Robertson , Slotted and Polydrive .

Different types of screw heads soon came out in the late 1900s. The Robertson screw with a square head came out in 1908, the Phillips head screw was invented in 1930, and tiny screws often found in gadgets such as iPhones and laptops were introduced in the 21st century. Phillips, Slotted, and Torx— OH My! The Tale of The Screw Heads. How Many Different Kinds of Screw Head Types Are there? What Are Slotted Head and Phillips Screw Drives Used for? Torque and Stripping If you’ve ever gone to the tool box, grabbed a screwdriver, and realized you picked the wrong one, you’ve probably wondered why there are so many different kinds of screw head types in the first place? Wouldn’t it just be easier to standardize all screw heads so they’re the same? After all, it’s been immensely helpful in the electronics industry. Remember when all those cell phones had different chargers?However, the fact remains that screws haven’t been standardized. Is there a good reason why See more here Types of Screw Heads: How to Use them Properly https://here/ types - screw-heads -use-properly Slotted. Slotted is heremon screw head . The head of these types of screw is the original figure of screw heads . You find this almost everywhere. On the other way, the practice of using the screw with a slotted drive is on the decline. Because the screw driver slips … This screw drive type is very popular – and again, you find them in a very wide range of applications. Common sizes are Phillips #1, #2 and #3. heremon Phillips size is #2. See our available Phillips bits. Phillips Tamper-resistant . heremon, but when you need one, you need one.

Machine screws come with different types of heads . heremon types of machine screw head shapes are pan head , flat head , round head , oval head , truss head and hex head . While round heads are probably used most often, flat heads are particularly useful when the screw needs to be flush with the surface it's screwed into.