A week before my friend was taking Bolt bus from Boston to NYC and the situation was the same..bus stopped because of engine problem.! People start to call UBER so they can get yo the closest train or bus station to continue the trip! The rest of people was seating there for many hours till … Boltbus Philadelphia - JFK N. 30th St Philadelphia, PA. Boltbus Union Station - 50 Massachusetts Ave NE Washington, DC. BoltBus Stop New York - 1st Ave Between 38th 39th. Bolt transportation connections to and from this stop: Boltbus Boston South Station - Gate 9 NYC-Gate 10 NWK/PHL. BoltBus Stop New York - 6th Ave Between Grand Watts. Nov 12, 2016 Bolt bus that is owned and operated by Grayhound is without the doubts is the dirtiest and most herepany there is servicing east cost, in particular NewYork, Boston line. The dirty old buses, herebination with disrepectful arrogant drivers makes the BOLTBUS the worst ridding experience ever.

BoltBus now offers premium, non-stop bus transportation in multiple regions in the United States. In 2012, BoltBus expanded its services to the Pacific Northwest, offering trips between Vancouver (Canada), Seattle (Washington) and Portland (Oregon). Later expanding into west coast to cover major cities in California and Nevada. BoltBus is a herepany offering very affordable ticket options to top travel destinations. You will always find the cheapest BoltBus tickets by here. Overall, BoltBus serves 64 bus routes, connecting 15 cities in 2 countries. BoltBus is an heremon carrier that operates low-cost, non-stop and limited-stop, premium level routes in the northeast and western United States and British Columbia, Canada. In the northeast, BoltBus provides service from New York City and Newark to other cities along the Interstate 95 corridor.

Boltbus Schedules for the date you have selected are not available at this time on our system. We try to keep 4 to 6 weeks of schedules available at all times. Please check back with us again a little closer to your scheduled departure time for available service. We appreciate your business at Boltbus . Mar 02, 2019 Bolt bus owes me a new tailbone I've ridden bolt bus for over 6 years now, usually between NYC and Cherry Hill where my family lives. Total bus … Bolt Bus is great. Your onsite manager in Boston , Sushil, makes checking in smooth and fun. I have always had a great experience on the Bolt as well for many NYC weekend adventures.