Earn a FREE one-way ticket trip after you take eight trips on BoltBus . LEARN MORE. BUSTRACKER. Get real-time updates on-the-go, just enter your schedule number, departing or arriving city and get updates instantly. Whether we’re waiting for you at the stop or on our way, BusTracker will show you our updated ETA and where we are along a route. So BoltBus has been owned by Greyhound for at least a few years now, but they were operating them as a separate (and cleaner, and cheaper) company. Until November of 2018 when they decided to abruptly pull all Boltbus schedules from California and Nevada. Be sure to arrive 15min. early like it says on the ticket. The bus came exactly 15min. before departure schedule and left 5min earlier than scheduled departure.

Buy Bolt Bus bus tickets herepare prices, schedules and more. It was a very smooth trip and I heremend taking the bolt bus instead of any other form of transportation. The seats are herefortable. 65 Cahill St San Jose, CA 95110. Carl's Jr. - 2856 Lenwood Rd Barstow, CA 9231. SW Everett St - I Had traveled on Boltbus many times without any problems. The website was not showing dates for travel in California . I called the phone number (800-265-8287). The Bolt bus leaves from the Greyhound terminal in the temporary SF Transbay Terminal. There is a great Starbucks located a block away on Howard, so you can enjoy some coffee and purchase snacks before your trip. The Bolt bus boarded about 15 min. before departure. You can wait inside the Greyhound Terminal,

Nov 28, 2013 Interesting to see that Bolt Bus is just a division of Greyhound, which has a few different levels in California , including Crucero to Mexico, basic Greyhound, Greyhound Express and now the Bolt Bus.Looks like Bolt Bus was herepete with MegaBus. Boltbus Schedules for the date you have selected are not available at this time on our system. We try to keep 4 to 6 weeks of schedules available at all times. Please check back with us again a little closer to your scheduled departure time for available service. BoltBus BusTracker shows the real-time location of this coach service, along with estimated times of arrival and departure at each coach stop on its journey.

BoltBus service was expanded outside of California on December 12, 2013 with a route between Los Angeles Union Station and Las Vegas with a stop in Barstow. BoltBus service was extended to Fresno, California on October 19, 2017, with routes to Los Angeles, Hollywood, San …