Installation and User Guide ENGLISH Kwikset 1-800-327-5625 here Required tools 4 AA Batteries Ruler Hammer Wood block Phillips head screwdriver Additional Tools (depending on application) A B F Parts in the box Latch “ B ” is not included. If needed, please contact Kwikset to order a drive-in latch for your lock. B W F Parts in the box Latch “ B ” is not included. If needed, please contact Kwikset to order a drive-in latch for your lock. Exterior Assembly Strike Adapter ring C D E Keys Mounting Plate SmartKey Tool G H 03809 46780 N Q P S Fasteners 48654 27526 64109 Interior Assembly K L M T U V A N or P (2x) NP S Q A B A B B A B ENGLISH Installation and User Guide 264 Electronic Deadbolt Required tools Parts in the box Additional tools (depending on application) Ruler Latch Phillips screwdriver Hammer Pliers Wood block Latch and strike screws Mounting plate screws Mounting plate Interior assembly Keys Interior cover Batteries (4 AA) Interior assembly screws

A Exterior Assembly 1 B Power Strip 1 C Tailpiece 1 D Mounting Plate 1 E 2-1/8 in. (54 mm) Mounting Bolt 2 F Interior Assembly 1 G 13/16 in. (20.5 mm) Screw 1 H 5/16 in. (8 mm) Screw 2 I Interior Cover 1 Installation Programming Manual Interior Assembly Interior Cover Exterior Assembly Adapter Bolt Mounting Plate Mounting Bolts . Install Interior Assembly . Turnpiece Shaft b . Once flush on door, insert and tighten small screws . Up to 2 user codes can be entered. Diameter is 2 1/8 Diameter is 1 1/2 Support the exterior assembly during mounting (54 mm) (38 mm) plate installation . Page 3 If you still experience locking errors, call Kwikset Support to order a Warped Door Service Kit. Kwikset Support: 1 866 863 6584 actual Re-key the lock (if needed) and install the battery cover size Optional: Re-

6. Install Interior Assembly . Note: Turnpiece may be difficult to turn until step 8 “Automatic - Bolt Direction Determination” herepleted. Route wires down - avoiding any excess bulge at curve, which could interfere with battery pack installation . b . Once flush on door, Installation Instructions ENGLISH Congratulations! With your purchase of this Premium Full Dummy Trim Set, you’re among a group of discerning individuals who know the intrinsic value of selecting the finest—Baldwin. Our step-by-step installation instructions will … install the allen screw with sleeve ( B ) and tighten to approxi-mately 60in-lbs with a 3mm hex key. INSTALL THE GAS SPRING NOTE–Use the wrench block assembly provided with your kit to install the gas spring shaft. Start threading the shaft by hand until you are sure that it won’t cross-thread during installation .

The individual operating instructions are enclosed with the measuring/control station DULCOTROL drinking water/ F B . Part no. 986421 ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH 69123 Heidelberg Germany BA DR 001 02/09 GB These general operating instructions apply only in conjunction